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Technology, wonderous and strange.

So remember that one time I completely forgot that I had a LJ checked and old e-mail account? Funny how even years after I am dead, this seemingly silly and pointless journal will still be sitting somewhere in cyber space. Accessible to the world at large, a world of new internet junkies with no concept of who lil' ole Justin Potter was.

It is so strange reading all of these old posts. Looking back now these events seem so very far away, but reading them over puts me in the exact place I was all those years ago.

I think I may start writing in this again.

I no longer live in Texas where most of my friends are, I am married to a great man, I have a dog (Theodore Roosevelt III, or Teddy for short), we are about to buy a house, and I am generally happy with my life.

Revisiting this journal could prove a new and useful outlet to me.

Not that any of us really know each other any longer, but I hope all is well.
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